Book Excellence Awards Book Review of Justice by Dyanna Morrison

Justice by Dyanna Morrison White provides an in-depth look at the thought processes and intentions of our founding fathers in the unique format of a play. The book presents two crucial court cases – the events of the “J20” trials involving the protests for Donald Trump and the tragedies of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally. It depicts how our founding fathers would have reacted and responded to these recent trials while the protagonist actively presides over the case and works on passing an appropriate ruling. 

The notion of this book is undeniably fascinating and original. White delivers on all fronts with a poignant narrative that skillfully intertwines the point of view of the protagonist and the perspectives of the founding fathers. The book also effectively makes readers aware of the massive political and societal complications that our founding fathers faced during the shaping of the legal system and creates a newfound sense of appreciation for them. White also takes care to remain impartial while sharing information about the founding fathers, so readers can form their own opinions about them. 

Justice is a thought-provoking piece of literature that opens the door to discussions about the law, court system and its involvement in the Black Lives Matter Movement.