About Me

Dyanna Morrison - Author

Dyanna was born and raised in Upstate NY and has spent the majority of her adult life in either Providence, RI or San Diego, CA.  She has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has spent the majority of her career in either account management or nonprofit talent acquisition. 

She is presently writing two series.

The premise for the Justice Trilogy was put into her thoughts with the help from a dear family friend back in the late 90s and struck a chord that she ultimately chose to turn into a reality.  What would the guys who wrote the stuff think if they could witness contemporary legal proceedings? Would they agree and does it matter?  Both Justice and Liberty present cases through a thought-provoking lens, requiring us to really think about the prevailing factors that shaped our democracy.  Dyanna started researching our founding fathers, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights in 2001 and has remained interested in the premise ever since.

Dyanna has spent twenty years trying to get her work recognized and produced and remains proud of her work. She believes strongly that she has a message to share with Americans and anyone interested in US history, regarding what is at the foundation of our democracy and the magnitude of effort that was required, allowing us to remain the oldest enduring republic in world history.  Our founder’s legacy has been under renewed scrutiny as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is understandable and justified. As stated in the description on the back cover of Justice,   “Our founders were imperfect, aspirational idealists and they were patriots, with a vision of self-governance, the likes which had never been instituted at the scale they envisioned to incorporate and preside over.  They penned and ratified our Constitution and Bill of Rights that continue to steer the course of our democracy in the year of 2020 and continue to represent ideologies of unity and inherent freedoms, framing our current, ongoing dialogue of equality and justice for all Americans.”   Dyanna includes their viewpoints on slavery at the time of the push for ratification of our Constitution/Bill of Rights and their efforts to include a phasing out of the slave trade in Justice. 

Dyanna never considered herself anything close to an activist and remained relatively uninvolved in politics until the 2016 election. The ongoing barrage of events that unfolded in 2017 struck her to the core and Justice refused to let her rest until  she once again opened up her boxes of research with a reignited passion for our founders, in an effort to address the travesties that continued to dominate the headlines on a daily basis.

Dyanna has visually pieced together the third stage play in the trilogy and plans on getting restarted on the background research and writing in the near future.

In 2021, Dyanna finally decided to also move forward and turn her poem, For the Love of Buddy, also written over twenty years ago, into a family/children’s picture book!  It was a learning process and great fun working with Mike Motz and his creative team.  Dyanna has also finished the poem, For the Love of Winston, about the fifteen + years she spent with her handsome tuxedo cat and their journey through life together.  She is planning on also turning this poem into another family/children’s picture book.

The genres of the two series are quite different and highlight two decades of research and a heightened sense of storytelling, by a woman who brings a heartfelt message of passion and compassion to everything she writes about.

Dyanna enjoys attending community events around Providence, RI and sharing her work with book lovers of all ages!

Dyanna loves hearing from readers so please don’t hesitate to contact her!