For The Love of Buddy

As quoted on the “Gratitude” page of, For the Love of Buddy, Charles Dickens once said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

I was certainly blessed with Buddy’s love and companionship for almost seventeen years, that witnessed monumental shifts and changes in my life. He was my tried and true companion, never judgmental and always more than willing to be my sounding board. Ready to listen and purr and nod in agreement, in exchange for an evening slice of roast beef 😊.

After that fateful evening, returning from my vets with his empty carrier and an emptier heart, I called my Mom and Dad on the east coast, who in their kindness and concern, stayed on the phone with me for hours, prior to a sleepless night of tears.  I took the next day off and went to the beach after my loss and took a pen and paper with me, hoping that somehow some words might come to mind, that could somehow bring a smile to my face.  As I started to reflect on our wonderful journey through life, the words just started spilling out, almost faster than I could write them, in whimsical prose. That somehow made me feel that he was watching over me, helping the pen move.  His memory shines on and I still cry every time I read the end of the poem.  You might think that over twenty years later, the sense of loss would have subsided, but for every reader who has had to face that difficult but inevitable day, you understand.

It has been estimated that 68% of U.S. households own some sort of pet, among these pets, were about 90 million dogs and 94 million cats.  We pamper and care for our pets like children, so these numbers are eye-opening when trying to estimate the heart break over how many of our pets we have to say goodbye to each year.  Since losing Buddy, I have frequently sent his poem to friends and family upon the loss of a member of their furry family. They have always thanked me and found the story charming and heartwarming, also sharing that it helped to bring them some solace as they faced their grief and sense of loss.  I hope that, For the Love of Buddy, will bring you some humor, heartfelt sentiment, and a glimpse into the lifetime that we shared, with each verse lending itself to a delightful illustration!  Many thanks to Mike Motz and his team for their creativity and for helping to bring my poem to life on the pages!

Over the past several years, I have sadly also lost several other members of my furry family and in September of 2021, decided to adopt a 4 ½ month old kitten from a local shelter.  A handsome Tuxedo I named Winston II.   It just acutely reminded me of how many homeless animals there are in need of love and a home.  I wish I could help them all!  But in an effort to do what I can, I will be donating a portion of the sale of each book to help homeless animals.